Snow   |   February 06, 2018

They call it snow, though I’m still not certain it wasn’t just a heavy frost but I’m not a good judge because I was sleeping at 3:00 AM when it all happened. Here the conditions have to be just perfect to be able to actually see falling snow. One of those conditions is that you keep yourself awake all night in hopes of seeing it. I LOVE snow! I love deep snow. I love falling snow. But I wasn’t excited enough to keep myself awake all night in case it might snow for a few minutes, like a real Southern does. We were very excited to have some cold weather this year. I love to get up and start the fire each morning and sit up late watching it burn at night.

Carlie and Donnie were so excited to get outside and “play in the snow.” Our children are very spoiled with all the trips to Maine we take and weren’t as thrilled with the crunchy frozen snow, when they were hoping to make snowmen and go sledding.

Tasting snow.

A cactus in the snow.

Don’t ask me why he has salad tongs trying to pick up the snow.

It wasn’t very long before they were ready to come back in and warm up by the fire. Donnie received a flashlight for Christmas and has enjoyed using it day and night.

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