A Thought Of Home   |   March 26, 2013

My Home

                                                 There’s a little town called Sedgwick

Nestled down beside the sea
Where the snow falls deep in winter
And in summer, sails fly free.

There you hardly could be lonely
For most every man’s your friend
Always ready with a neighbor’s heart
A helping hand to lend.

In the chill of early spring time
She with maple syrup steams
Pushing off her soft white blanket
Melting ice back into streams

The salty breath of summer carries
Pollen from blooming trees
In her rocky fields of blue berries
The blossoms buzz with bees.

Fall gently droops her frosty tarp
Over reddening berry plots
And drips her brightly tipped brush
On her thickly wooded lots.

While the unforgiving winter
Blows ice in her rocky face.
All families pass their evenings
Wrapped around their fireplace.

My memories ever there are moored
And there I’ll ever turn.
To revisit the joys still anchored there,
And to watch the home fires burn.