Our Daily Walk   |   March 22, 2013

About everyday we take this walk down the dirt road not far from our house. It runs back into the woods about a mile and though there are a few houses on the road they are far apart and rarely do you see anyone out there. Right now the trees are about as bare as they ever get here but they will be growing their new, bright spring leaves very soon. The first time I walked this road was with John on my very first visit here back in August 2010. Since then we have walked it early in the morning, late at night, in the rain, in the heat, in the cold and we’ve even run the road together, that was a while ago. 🙂 We walked this road through every stage of our pregnancy and now Carlie “walks” it with us. And I thought we’d walk it with you.

The clay here is very red.






A few of the neighbors cows.


This is our little garden. It is potatoes and onions you can see.

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  1. Leah Bamford says:

    So jealous of your weather right now!!! Wish I was there to go on that walk with you:-( Send us some of those warm temperatures so we can get rid of our snow and get some spring here, too:-)

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