A Thousand Words Are worth A Picture   |   April 01, 2013

     Our camera’s battery died on Friday and we didn’t have the charger here so we couldn’t get very many pictures of this weekend. It was a poor weekend to not have the camera since it was so eventful and Carlie’s first Easter Sunday but I will try to tell you a little of the events and hope to get a few pictures to share later.
     Friday John had a meeting in Pensacola regarding starting a small business. He has been looking into starting a vanpool for his commute out to the base. It had been looking like it wouldn’t be worth the extra effort and cost but he finally laid out all the details and thought he would try it. The meeting on Friday was very helpful and he was able to get many of his questions answered. I didn’t actually end up going into the meeting with him since Carlie had just fallen to sleep in the car when we arrived in Pensacola so I sat in the car with her instead.
     After arriving home on Friday afternoon, John worked on some yard clean up with Carlie and I made two carrot cakes. John’s mom’s birthday was on Saturday and I was supposed to make cake for the family gathering. I really enjoy carrot cake but I don’t remember ever making it before and I don’t have a tried and true recipe. After looking on line and through many cook books I came across a recipe that looked promising. I made two, two layer cakes and after starting into the recipe discovered that it takes many whole carrots to equal a cups worth of grated carrot, coconut is a good substitute, walnuts and pecans are rather interchangeable, if you don’t watch German chocolate frosting it burned permanently to a pan, corn starch works best for thickening cream cheese frosting without changing the flavor, and prayer is the leading ingredient for recipes that fail. I have to admit I was a little nervous to take it and have all John’s family have to eat my creation but there was no starting over. Thankfully everyone loved the cake and a few people asked for the recipe. I told them I couldn’t give it to them. They asked if it was some secret Maine recipe. I didn’t want to tell them I had to make it up as I went along so I decided to credit it to good old fashioned Yankee ingenuity and just said, “Yes, something like that.” Truth be told, I truly couldn’t give the recipe because I’m not too sure what I did..
     Saturday the church had a spring work day to get some yard work done around the grounds. John went to help them out and was gone until early afternoon. Mid-morning he received a call asking about buying the Jeep.We have been trying to sell, Fiona, my Jeep, for several months now but nothing was happening with it. John was really wanting it to sell if he was going to start a vanpool, since he would need to get a van and we don’t really need two vehicles, let alone three. The buyer wanted to come look at the jeep that afternoon and gave John an idea what he would be willing to give us for it. It was the first call we had received on it. John phoned me to ask what I thought about the idea. I thought the timing was amazing since John was just seriously looking into starting the vanpool and we wouldn’t likely get much for it if we traded it in to the dealer. To make a long story short, we sold Fiona that afternoon.
     I have to stop here for a moment as give a tribute to Fiona. Her name, which we informed the new owner of and he promised to keep, was given her when I “had” to buy her after losing my black Jeep in an accident. I thought she was fat and round and green, like Fiona in the movie Shrek. I don’t like those movies, by the way. I like Jeeps but that isn’t truly why I’ll miss her. I’m just sentimental and have so many great memories of plowing through snow storms back home, driving her across the country on our honeymoon (replacing her breaks in the Smokey Mountains), long drives with my sisters, sitting in the jeep talking for hours with Becca, Mum, April and likely most of my sisters, sitting in the jeep talking with John for three hours after we got engaged… John asked me if I was going to miss her terribly after we had sold her and I had to say, “No, she was costing so much in fuel and repairs now and all that I could miss her for are the memories but I still have them forever.”
    After seeing Fiona safely off, we finished planting the garden before going over to John’s parents’ house for the birthday celebration. Almost all John’s brothers and sister and their families were there and it was a nice evening with cake and ice cream. Sunday was Carlie’s first Easter and I put her in her fancy white dress for church. She was a good girl for the nursery workers and I found her sleeping when I came to pick her up after church. For dinner all John’s family got together at his brother James’ house. The kids all got their Easter treats and Carlie was given a little pink Easter bunny. Sara, James’ wife, had a new Easter idea I had never heard of. Instead of an Easter egg hunt the kids were just given a few treats and she hid items represented in the resurrection story such as a red robe, nails, thorns, linen cloth, and the children had to find all the pieces and put together the story of Jesus death and resurrection. It worked very well and the kids seemed really to enjoy finding the items and figuring out how they fit into the story. Carlie didn’t help much with that though she slept sweetly which was helpful. John, Carlie, and I went for a long afternoon walk and discovered a beautiful spot. Oh, and I got to wear my new sun hat John bought me. I’ll soon show you pictures.
      We are so much enjoying these days, and nights, with our little girl. Everything seems so much more exciting and new as we get to experience daily life with her. I love every part of the day and even love our late night rendezvous. But I think best of all I enjoy watching John “saying her prayers with her” at night. They are just so sweet together with him praying and her looking up at him with big eyes trying to take everything in. We are so blessed.
     A final note:
  Two years ago today was my last day working at Maine Coast General Surgery. We had such a big snow storm I don’t even think we did any surgery. I just took out a few sutures and we all went home, I cried all the way. I miss you all at MCGS. You helped so much in making me who I’ve become, I count you as family. Thank you for keeping in touch it means so much to me. I can’t wait to see you again and introduce Carlie to you.