Daddy Knows Best   |   April 08, 2013

     Saturday was a gorgeous day and John had to get a sermon ready for teaching junior church on Sunday. Carlie was such a fussy bugs all morning that by early afternoon we had decided I would have to take her somewhere so John could have some quiet to study. We had been told those baby swings work well for quieting fussy babies so I started phoning around town to see if any consignment stores had one. I didn’t really want to have to buy a new one when there is so much baby supplies in new condition at second hand stores. No one had one so I gave up that idea and took her for a long walk in the stroller and she finally fell fast asleep. She slept in her stroller while I weeded the garden and then slept even longer after I took her in side. I left her sleeping in the stroller in the kitchen since I was too afraid to move her after she was FINALLY sleeping.  She slept for hours while John studied and we went in to Pensacola for some pizza at our favorite little pizzeria.
     Whatever was so wrong with her on Saturday seemed all better Sunday. She slept well Saturday night and Sunday she rested and was almost too easy after what we had gone through on Saturday. John didn’t want to go through another fussy day like Saturday and still was thinking a swing would really help her. After church, while I was working on Chicken and Pepper Sicilian for dinner, John decided to take matters into his own hands and make his little girl a baby swing. You can see by the pictures how that worked out. It doesn’t help out the living-room decor but who can enjoy that when Baby is crying too loudly to even talk and it definitely will be a conversation piece for company.  Carlie loves her swing and slept in it all Sunday afternoon. I have to admit, I was very nervous about her trying it out the first time and was very worried she was going to fall out or fall on the floor.But my worrying about her is nothing big since I seem to do that no matter if she’s sleeping soundly in her perfectly safe little crib or trying out her new swing. John fastened her in and it worked just fine. I had to laugh while watching her swinging in her hammock in the middle of the living-room. John thought it was a perfect success and I think I’ll take it with us camping. Bedtime Sunday night was easier than ever. John swung her to sleep in her swing and we all went to bed. She even transferred to her crib without a problem.

 Saturday morning started very restfully…
 And ended very restfully.
 It was the hours in between that were so terribly fussy.
  Daddy’s Sleepy
 Carrlie’s wide awake
 John’s baby swing try out

Perfect success 
 Now he can have his coffee and put the baby to nap at the same time

“Did you have to get me out of my swing, Mummy?”