Friday Off   |   April 26, 2013

     John finally got the cold Carlie and I had two weeks ago. I tried so hard to make sure he didn’t get it but it’s hard to stay away from Carlie and she hasn’t learned to cover her sneezes yet. Carlie and I are all better now but now John had to get it. At least he has the weekend to rest.
     We don’t have a busy weekend planned and would like to enjoy these nice, cool days while the weather is still good. I worked in the nursery at church on Wednesday night prayer meeting and was in choir practice that night too, neither of which I have done since January. It was great to be back in choir but discouraging to find I am so out of practice and my range in much smaller. The last nine months have done a job on my “singing muscles.” That’s ok, Carlie is worth it all. I’ll just have to practice and get it back.
     Because John is fighting a cold, he was sleeping in this morning, or he was trying to. Carlie usually wakes up about 4:30 or 5:00 and is ready for breakfast. She was fed and was supposed to be going back to sleep on the bed while I got a few morning things done. But I heard John telling her,”You are just too much of a wiggle bugs and Daddy can’t sleep.” I decided to take her for a walk and let him rest. She likes her stroller better now that she can see more and watch what is going by her.We walked about three miles and stopped to watch the neighbor’s new calves. They were a little skittish of the big, red stroller but I always love stopping to watch the cows.  The morning was so bright and beautiful and John was just getting up when we got back.
     This afternoon I went and helped clean the church and John stayed home and watched Carlie. It was the very first time I had ever left Carlie. I really missed her but I didn’t have to worry because I knew she was in good hands. I got a few groceries while I was out too to save us an extra trip later. When I got home John was just finishing feeding her a bottle and said she had been very fussy. Oh dear, poor John! In the evening we went over to Nate and Danielle’s house for supper. I made a grasshopper pie to take for dessert. It was a nice evening and John’s folks were over there too. Ethan kept us entertained with all his talking and racing around.

Leg exercises with Daddy.
  “I’m tired!”
All done sleeping.
 Our morning walk. 
(“the kippah was mummy’s idea”)
 Stopping to see the new calves at the neighbor’s.
 Heading home.
 Carlie liked the walk but didn’t fall asleep until the last five minutes.
 Look how big our girl is!

 John and Carlie after I got home.