So Many Changes   |   April 26, 2013
     Carlie seems to be changing so much every day now. Last night she slept through the night and we shall see if this is a new schedule or just one very sleepy night. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t notice some change in her. She is now full of smiles and it takes little encouraging to make her little face light up. She also rolled onto her side the other day. Thankfully she decided to try this new skill in her bed and not off the couch or some place. She also is much happier sitting up now so she can see what is going on. Then this evening John was making shocked faces at her and she was mimicking his face with big eyes and mouth open. It was so funny but a reminder of how careful we should be since she is learning every thing we do. 
     John worked on the sidewalk this evening after work and laid the bricks in the new section. It is looking wonderful. John is always so careful in his work and makes everything look so nice.
Carlie Jane welcoming Daddy home from work.

Carlie Jane likes sitting up now to watch what is going on.
 John and Carlie Jane enjoying the evening fresh air.
 Story time at nursery while waiting for the other babies to show up.
 Nap time after my bath. I like my new dress.

 My miniature rose bush planted by the kitchen door.

 Carlie Jane’s “handy work” on our sidewalk.
 More work on the sidewalk.

 Carlie Jane helping me with supper.
My wreath in the entry. I think it would stand out better if the wall was painted.