Sunday Night Fellowship   |   April 29, 2013

     Saturday was filled with cleaning the house, raking leaves, trying to mow the yard (it didn’t happen) and changing the oil in the car. John worked so hard all day despite the fact his cold was so bad and he had to constantly stop and blow his nose. Carlie and I ran out to get a few supplies John would need to change the oil in the car. As we were just about to walk out the door John noticed I didn’t have Carlie’s bag and said, “Aren’t you going to take her bag?” I said, “No, we’ll be alright. It’s just a quick trip out and I just changed her diaper.” John still was concerned and said, “But what if she has a major accident and you need it?” I said, as I walked out and opened the car door, “No, I don’t think that will happen and if it does I ‘ll just leave her in the car seat until we can get home and change her and clean everything up.” I had no sooner said this and moved her off my shoulder to put her in the car, when looking down at my shirt front I saw a terrible stain! John was so right! He was laughing as I turned around, back into the house, onto the changing table, into the bath, back out to be redressed, and finally ready to leave, with the diaper bag! After getting home, Carlie was sleeping and I decided to try to help John by mowing the lawn while he changed the oil in the car. He started the mower up and I hadn’t walked one whole swath across the lawn when I heard a change in the sound of the blade and the machine began vibrating. The blade was worn out and damaged and the whole project had to be abandoned. Supper was chicken chili and dumplings and we were in bed early for much needed rest.
     Our church has Sunday nigh fellowships with different families opening their homes for whom ever wants to come. We have our name on the list of fellowship homes and this Sunday evening was our first time hosting one. All afternoon we worked to get ready for it and Carlie helped us out by sleeping a full five hours. We ended the afternoon with a long walk together. It is just beginning to get really warn in the midday. About 30 people came in the evening and we had a houseful. It was a wonderful evening and we enjoyed each one who came. We are a little bit out of town and people had to travel about six miles out to our home. John made pop-cycles for the kids and they were all sticky and happy to have them. Carlie fell asleep as the last guest was leaving and was so tired she didn’t even wake up when I changed her for bed.     

 Bath time.
 Helping with Saturday supper.
 Sunday morning ready for church.

 Carlie’s five hour Sunday afternoon nap.
 A very little bunny we saw on our Sunday walk.
 Carlie’s rocking horse getting broken in.
Our surplus of couches was put to good use.





 Our photographer. John gave Lexy the camera.
They might be a little blurry but now you know why!

 Busy Kitchen


 Our kid’s table.
(I just love this picture!)
 John and Carlie Jane visiting.

The kids enjoying John’s pop-cycles.