The Last Few Days   |   April 24, 2013
     Last Friday was very rainy and we had to take a break from working on our sidewalk. But Saturday was perfect weather and we were able to get the cement poured for the next part of the sidewalk. It took us most of the morning but Carlie was pretty happy to just sit in her stroller and watch us. While John was doing some planning I thinned the carrots. There still is hardly any carrot for all the leaves but when we tasted the little roots they really tasted like carrots. We decided to wash off the tiny shoots and put them on our salad. It didn’t add too much but it was fun to think we were eating something we had grown. 
     Sunday was busy with John teaching junior church in the morning and a short afternoon before going back to church for men’s choir practice. 
     Monday started our normal schedule again with John leaving for work at 5:15 A.M. and Carlie and I had to try to get into our own schedule here at home. I spent the day just doing some cleaning and laundry and mostly taking care of Carlie. When John got home we took a walk before supper, to be sure we would be able to enjoy the last few hours of sunlight. 
     Today was more of the same with a little spring cleaning, weeding the garden, and trying my hand at making a rather odd wreath I’d seen awhile ago and decided to make. It is made out of pages from a book and I had to explain to Carlie what I was doing since she was watching me tear out all the pages. I just wanted her to know it isn’t usually o.k. to destroy books. In case you are concerned the book is some odd history of Lincolns life. It was written by some man in the 1960’s and is all about how Mr and Mrs Lincoln supposedly beat each other up and craziness.

 Working on the kitchen sidewalk.
 The thinned carrots.
 Ready to pour cement. 

 Ready for church.
 Carlie’s dress from Aunt Becca.
 Sleepy girl.

 Ready for an evening walk.
My paper wreath.

2 thoughts on “The Last Few Days”

  1. Ok, so this book has me interested…did you pick it up in a rummidge sale for the distinct purpose of doing this project, or was this project the result of finding a book you desperately wanted to destroy? lol "Some man in the 60's" haha The '60's have long been held in high esteem as a decade of logical thinking.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    Yes, Matt, this book might have been right up your alley. This might shock you, but I actually "inherited" the book from an older couple who I took care of. I have many of their books and I had never gone through them all to see if I wanted to keep them. I think they might have been trying to open their minds a little because they had such a wide range of books with differing opinions. Anyway, I was looking for a book that wanted destroying for the wreath project and upon finding this one on the "unknown Lincoln" knew it definitely was right for the job. I also have learned how to make roses out of old books if you and Vicki have any books you would like to "recycle."

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