The Walk   |   April 06, 2013

Early this morning Carlie and I went on a walk.  The sun was just coming over the horizon as we started out.  The idea was to give mom who had stayed up much of the night tending to our little girl a bit of rest before it got too late in the day.  I put Carlie in the carrier we have and started out slowly walking down the road.  It takes about a whole hour to walk the entire route we normally take.  It was a beautiful morning walk and another bright sunny Florida day.  I couldn’t help but think of how good I really have it to have a beautiful wife and baby who are both happy and healthy.  Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord.  And when we got home mom was still sleeping just like she was supposed to be.

Now you might be wondering why I took Carlie on a walk instead of just letting her sleep with me on the couch while I drink my coffee, it’s because if I try to sit down with her and she is not eating or sleeping then she will most likely be crying.  And when she cries it’s impossible for mom to sleep.  However, Carlie just loves her front-pack carrier that Jimmy and Samantha Jackson got her for her baby shower, and since she loves it, I love it too.  It’s good to have a sure-fire way to keep her quiet for a solid hour. Mommy needs a break at times.

Nobody warned me that having a little girl would be just quiet like this.  I always naively thought that babies were just happy all the time.  I thought that getting her out of mommy’s tummy was going to be the hardest part of having a baby, but boy was I in for a shock when she let out her first scream.  Wow!  And then there’s cluster feeding, burping, and diaper’s to change.  It’s enough to keep two parents fully engaged in work almost twenty-four-seven.  And then sometimes even after everything is made what I would think is just perfect she still cries and I just have to say I don’t know what to do.  I can say that I’m learning a whole lot in just a little bit of time.

With all that said, I love her to death she is so sweet and innocent.  As much work as it is, I absolutely love this age she is at right now.  She’s a joy to all who meet her and I’m just enjoying every minute of having her in my life, knowing that it won’t last forever.  She’ll only be with me for a little while and then she’ll be off to start her own family somewhere.  I’m forever blessed to have her in my life.


Thank you Leah Hadley for taking the time to make Carlie a Hephzibah name crochet.


Thank you Mr. Bamford for the thousand nail punch Bryan wood work, we love it!




These pictures are of her last night getting dried off after a bath which came after a rather large explosion.









I took this picture just before I woke Carlie up to go on our walk this morning.  They are both sleeping soundly.  Neither of them even knew I took this picture even with the flash on.  Sorry no pictures of the actual walk.