Time Together   |   April 20, 2013

     Since the camping trip was over on Tuesday, we have been just staying home together and working on little projects that we needed to get done around home. At first we thought we might like to go do something fun each day and pretend we are away on vacation but finally decided we like working and it’s relaxing to be able to get some work done that we haven’t had time to accomplish. We have been working on our sidewalk by the kitchen door and working in the yard. The days have been quite chilly and we want to take advantage of it before the hot weather hits.
     We did take an evening to go out to supper in honor of our anniversary. Sara had offered to babysit Carlie for us so we could have an evening out to ourselves. It was a tempting offer seeing it is always a little hard to relax when you are waiting for Carlie to start crying at any minute, attracting the attention of the whole restaurant. But we waited so long for her and enjoy her so much we still hate to give her up. John’s folk’s anniversary is the same day as ours and they had recommended a restaurant in Pensacola where they had gone. John had decided on Outback Steak House since it was a little less formal a place and more likely to put up with a little fussing, if it happened. When we got in to Pensacola the steak house was very crowded and we weren’t sure we wanted to wait and be in an over crowded place. As we were trying to decided John noticed the restaurant next door and decided to try that place. It ended up being Rodizios, the very place Mom Bryan had recommended to us. I think Carlie made them nervous in there. They didn’t say a word to her or about her until the very end of our meal. As the waitress was walking away she said, “You have a very well behaved baby.” Carlie was definitely the only child in there. The meal was wonderful. In stead of ordering a traditional meal, these servers came by with large pieces of meat on a sword and they stopped and offered a slice of the different kinds of meats. They had lamb, venison sausage, wild boar, rabbit, chicken heart, beef, elk chilly, boiled quail eggs, roasted pineapple, and many more. We tried to get a few pictures but the lighting was so unusual in the restaurant the pictures are rather unclear. After we left Rodizios John took us to a memorial park and we walked all around. It was a very pretty place to walk and was full of memorials honoring veterans and their service from different wars. There was also a smaller park beside it called the Missing Children Memorial. We didn’t stay there long. It’s not a good place for an already overly worried, protective, first time mum to be spending much time.
     We have extended the walk by the kitchen door another several feet and we are looking forward to having it completed so we wont have so much sand being walked into our kitchen everyday.

 Tummy time
Buying us a little more time at Rodizios


 Our extra special dessert
 Bundled up for the walk in the park

 I had never seen the Vietnam Wall before. 
The number of names of heart rending.

 Nap time again
 Getting ready to pour cement 

 Good morning, Miss. Carlie. It looks like Tigger and Peter Rabbit are already up.