Two Years In Heaven   |   April 11, 2013
Please Don’t
Don’t talk too much 
   And say those lines
That all the boys have used.

Don’t cling too tight
        And crushed the dreams
I’ve worked too hard to lose.
Don’t tell me 
All your secrets
Or I might just tell you mine.
Don’t be too wonderful
And touch my heart
I’ve guarded all this time.

Don’t be too quick 
To fall in love
Or I might just fall too
Don’t be everything 
I ever dreamed for 
Or I’ll live and die for you.
It has been two years now since that spring morning on the coast of Maine when John and I were forever united. These years we have shared have been mixed with smiles and sighs, tears and laughter and filled with more love than I ever thought possible to find. Thank you, John, for being everything I thought you were when I fell in love with you; for being the best husband to me and wonderful father to our daughter. 
Here’s a little look at our piece of heaven.
 May 2011
 Camping July 4th 2011
 Stephen and Emily’s Wedding Aug. 2011
 September 2011
 December 2011 Blue Hill Mountain
 April 2012
1st Anniversary
 May 2012
 Don and Lydia’s Wedding July 2012
 Disney Vacation October 2012
 Christmas 2012
 New Years Day 2013
 Valentine’s Banquet
 Carlie Jane’s birthday

4 thoughts on “Two Years In Heaven”

  1. Vicki says:

    I remember your wedding day so well! I remember being so happy for you two and dreaming of the day when all of our paperwork would be processed and it would be Matt and my turn. 🙂 So much has happened in the two years since then, that sometimes it makes my head spin, but I wouldn't change one thing even if I could. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your memories and pictures with us!

  2. johnnfawn says:

    It does seem so unreal sometimes and sometimes it seems like we just got married but when I think of all that has happened and how life has changed it seems as though it's been five years at least. I thought having a baby takes away our newlywed status but some one asked just a while ago if we were recently married.

  3. Ruth Hadley says:

    Thank you for including me in your joy!! It was real fun to read your story and see all your pictures!! May God always be the center and source of your joy and happiness!!

  4. Emily Bryan says:

    Your poem made me cry. It's so sweet!

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