A Week In Pictures   |   May 06, 2013

     This week has been pretty busy with dentist appointments, spring cleaning the church, scheduling dental surgery, Carlie Jane’s appointment, and all the usual gardening and keeping up with house work. Carlie is easier than ever now that she is getting into more of a schedule. She slept through the night once or twice this week and every time she does, I get all hopeful that I might actually get my first full nights rest since she was born. She usually makes up for it the next night with calling for me about three times.
     While on our walk early this week, I saw a beautiful blooming rose bush and picked a stem to take home and root. So far it looks like it might be working but I’ll have to see what it looks like in a few weeks. I have discovered it is amazing how many trees and bushes you can root and grow yourself. My neighbor offered me clippings from any of his yard plants if I wanted to grow them. He has a wide verity of trees and shrubs and I think I’ll try a few.
     Carlie is still receiving packages in the mail and I am amazed and over whelmed by all the loving people who have sent her gifts. I tell her every day she must never feel allow or unloved because there are so many people in this world who love her. I have made her a little treasure chest where I’m keeping all her letters and memorabilia to show her when she gets older.
     Since John is over his cold now we did a little visiting this week to see some of his friends and old coworkers and introduce Carlie Jane to them. We are always happy to show her off and share her smiles with our friends and I think she likes all the attention of getting passed around and fussed over. She was pretty happy even though we were busy and she wasn’t getting her usual long naps.
     Thursday John had a dental appointment with a dentist in Alabama to schedule the extraction of his wisdom teeth. I don’t know anything about toothaches and teeth trouble but of all surgeries to have to endure, dental surgery sounds very uncomfortable. After getting home from his appointment John and Carlie slept while I weeded the garden and got caught up on some odds and ends around the house. The weeds are still very small but I always like to keep ahead of them if I can and get them out while they are still tiny and easy to remove. John and Carlie woke up in the late afternoon, and I had venison stew on the stove. John wanted me to cut his air and then we decided to take a walk down the dirt road behind our house before sunset. John wasn’t too hungry yet and thought he’d be more hungry for stew when we got back. We got all the way out to the end of the road, a mile and a half away, and it started raining. Thankfully Carlie was in her jogging stroller and was pretty dry but John and I got soaked! When we finally got home we were more than ready for dry clothes and that warm stew.  Of all the hundreds of times we have walked that road; that was the first time we ever got caught in the rain out there.
     It has been unusually cool here this week and breezy as well. Saturday and Sunday it never even reached seventy degrees and there was a steady wind. I am really enjoying this weather and keep telling John I don’t think it’s going to get hot here this summer. Saturday morning we volunteered at church for the spring cleaning and Carlie was a big help by sleeping in our baby pack while we worked. After lunch we headed out to the strawberry fields to get some fresh berries to freeze. After getting our feet soaking wet in the muddy field and picking through many rotten berries, we discovered it isn’t worth it to go picking here. Not because of the discomfort of picking but after all that, we still paid about the same or more than you would pay at any market. Oh well, anything we do together is always worth it and whether it is good or bad, if we are together, it always makes for great memories.
     By Saturday night we had a very over tired and fussy Carlie Jane to put to bed. She couldn’t go to sleep and when she finally did sleep she was up again every three hours, calling for me. I think she was trying to tell me, “You can keep me up all day and too busy to sleep…I can keep you up all night, too busy to sleep.”

 Ready for bed.
Well, at least dressed for bed. She doesn’t look too sleepy.
 My rose I’m trying to root.
 I like my new dress!
 Thank you Grammy Limeburner!
 Waiting at the dentist for daddy.

 Our rainy walk.
 Story time with daddy.
Yes, Mummy got the pacifier upside down again!
 Our garden


 Ready to go strawberry picking. Daddy loves to dress me!
We had a good laugh over the hat. You can just see in her face,
“What’s so funny guys?”

 Very tired strawberry picker.
Can you see all the mud on the tires?


 Hulling Strawberries.
Bedtime for Carlie Jane.

4 thoughts on “A Week In Pictures”

  1. Vicki says:

    Your rose is beautiful! I hope it continues to root well for you. Carlie Jane's hat is adorable. Our little guy asks for a hat with ears almost every day. 🙂 What he doesn't know is that he has one waiting for him. 🙂

  2. johnnfawn says:

    I don't like putting "attitude shirts" on babies or things that really make them look silly but ear hats are SO cute. Dr Molly, who I worked for, sent Carlie this one and it just made us laugh. She looked so cute! Did you make your little man's hat or did you find it somewhere?

  3. Vicki says:

    I found a pattern on Pinterest and made our little man a hat with ears. 🙂

  4. So sweet! I found a pattern on crocheting an aviator baby hat before we knew we had a girl and I still really want to try that one of these days.

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