Back To Work   |   May 14, 2013

Monday morning was John’s first day back to work since his oral surgery last week. He still isn’t feeling one hundred percent but each day I think he feels better and he’s able to sleep without medicine. What a awful ordeal it has been! His face is still discolored along his jaw line. It took days before he could even talk and eating was another whole problem of its own. I did all I could but the trouble with recovery is really all you can do is make him as comfortable as possible and just wait for the body to put itself back together. Finally on Saturday evening he felt well enough to go out for a walk. It was his first time out of the house since he had gotten home. After our walk he went to see how the garden was growing and I pulled a few radishes, our first produce of the year! Since we planted them so much earlier this year and the weather has been much cooler, their flavor is very mild. Other years they have been spicy but these are almost like watercress. I had to make dinner rolls for Sunday dinner. I made a new kind that you half bake and then freeze and finish them off just before you sever them, to make them taste fresh. It worked well even though I was up until midnight making them. Carlie Jane decided to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day at 1:00 A.M and then thought she do it again at every hour until 5:00 when I decided to just stay up. What a sweet heart! She is just so sweet that no matter how tired I am I always enjoy going into her room and seeing her.
     Sunday morning Carlie and I went to church but John wanted to rest some since his pain was still distractingly strong. He made it through Sunday without any medicine for his pain and was able to sleep that night. For Sunday dinner we went over to John’s Aunt Pam’s house. All his family was together for Mother’s Day and his only Grandma is visiting from Minnesota.
      Monday morning it was back up at 4:00A.M and John drove all the wave back to Eglin. He said he had a good day and wasn’t in too much pain but he was tired when he got home. I spent the day cleaning and organizing my kitchen cupboards. Carlie Jane napped nicely so I got a lot done. John was able to eat spaghetti for supper but said he still couldn’t taste much of it.  

 The fish tank at the dentist’s office that kept Carlie completely
 entertained while John was having his surgery.


 Heading out on a walk Saturday afternoon.
 Daddy wanted to carry her for a while.
 The sun is too bright.
 Our first “harvest.”
Supper Saturday evening.
Sometimes it’s easier to hold her than to “risk” laying her down.
 Wishing Grammie Happy Mother’s Day.
 John’s family together for Sunday dinner.
L to R (Joel, Janine, Justine, Alyssa, Jason, Nate, & Danielle)
 Grandma/ Great Grandma Damewood holding a sleeping Carlie Jane.

 Home from his first day back to work.
Spring cleaned my cupboards today and reorganized, of course.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Glad to hear John is feeling better! My favorite picture in this post is Carlie sleeping on your shoulder… she looks so comfy! 🙂

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