Blueberry Dish   |   May 16, 2013

Yesterday, I tried my hand at painting a little serving set I had. The set was cute as it was but I thought it I painted it to match my kitchen it would be fun and add a little unity to the room. I don’t think I had the right kind of paint and will likely have to repaint it later but I think it will look good after it’s finished.
     Carlie helped me by taking long naps. Such a good girl!









2 thoughts on “Blueberry Dish”

  1. Teresa says:

    Vanessa, what a lovely job! Such a good way to remember Maine. I still gravitate to blueberry dishes when I see them, and I have found Wyman's blueberries in our Sam's Club, so I usually buy those when I want Blueberry Pie!

  2. johnnfawn says:

    Thank you, As you can see my kitchen has a blueberry theme. I really like Salmon Falls Stonewear Pottery a lot of it has blueberry patterns. It is made in New Hampshire and, sadly, you can't find it here.

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