Making Flowers   |   May 01, 2013

     Tuesday was a slow kind of a day and Carlie was quiet happy and contented so I decided to work on a craft project I have wanted to do for a while. I made flowers, they look like carnations, out of tissue paper and put them on a string for Christmas lights. I am planning to hang them in Carlie’s room for a night light. They are super quick to make and you can make them any color you like. I used pink with white centers. I used ice-cycle lights since we have a lot of them and never use them at Christmas but a string of regular Christmas lights might be easier to work with.

First Half
 Finished product.
 I hung them in the dining room just to see how they would look.

 Carlie slept while I worked on the flowers.
 Carlie was very hungry late last night and drank two small bottles around 10:00.


2 thoughts on “Making Flowers”

  1. Sara Bryan says:

    Very pretty! I should try that too.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    They are very simple to make. You can probably figured it out from the pictures. But I'll be glad to show you if you want too.

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