Sleep!!!   |   May 15, 2013
Guess who slept for six hours last night?
 “Is it just me, Mummy, or is there a moose sitting on me!”
     Just yesterday Carlie Jane started looking at us when we talked to her, turning her head to look at John or I as we each spoke. She also used her hands for the first time to feel the tablecloth while she was sitting on my lap during supper. She is getting so alert and reminding me to be ever so careful what I do and say.

2 thoughts on “Sleep!!!”

  1. Sara Bryan says:

    Yay for sleep! I hope you got to rest too, Vanessa! The picture with the moose is so funny.

  2. Tim Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! She is sooo adorable…. I can tell that smile is going to be a killer….watch out daddy!

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