Update   |   May 21, 2013

The last few days have been busy with Becca and Tim returning from their trip to Papua New Guinea and the Trinity Baptist Church’s anniversary weekend. Becca and Tim flew into Pensacola on Friday night and John, Carlie, and I went to meet them. They arrived tired but glad to be home again. We went out to Steak ‘N Shake after with Pastor and Mrs. Woody, some of Tim’s family and a few people from the church. John and I had already eaten so we got some frosties. It was so good to see Becca and Tim again and hear all their amazing stories of their trip. Becca said one of the villages they went to she was the first white woman ever to go there. She said all the natives wanted to touch her face and see what it felt like. Tim had chances to put all his medical training to use too.
Saturday, John worked on the church website and I quilted a little and cleaned the house. In the evening we went out to supper with the church for the 43rd anniversary of Trinity Baptist Church. Sunday we had a full day of church. First a church service, then a dinner at the church and games, and a cake cutting in the evening. Monday, John was back to work and Carlie and I tried to catch up from the weekend. I even got to pick beans from the garden and freeze them. Carlie was three months old Monday and John decided she needed to be on a stricter schedule in hopes she’ll sleep better at night and I can start getting some rest too. She slept from 10:00 P.M until 3:30 A.M. I think most of her trouble was I wasn’t making sure she has her tummy really full before putting her to bed.

 Looking at the garden
 Mini roses by the kitchen door
 Going to clean the church.
 Waiting for supper, Friday.
 Becca and Tim home again.

 Full of stories. 
 Becca and Carlie



 No sheets on our bed! Who’s fault is that?
 Afternoon at church.
 Volley Ball games

 Indoor games where it’s cool.
 Waking up Monday morning.
 “Oh my goodness! I have feet!!!”
Night time snuggles with Daddy.