Water Bottle Flowers   |   May 08, 2013

     Here is another flower project I read about and thought I would try. You use the top of a water bottle and slit it down to the top. Then bend the petals down and invert the curve in each one. You can paint them any color you like and use them to decorate a room or a flower garden. It works well and is quick and easy.
     Today John had all four of his wisdom teeth excised. We just got home and got him to bed and Carlie fed and sleeping. These are the days my training comes in handy. I didn’t sleep more than three hours last night and I think I’ll take this chance to rest too and I’ll catch up on this tomorrow.


 The bottle top shaped into a flower.

 I made mine red.

 This is my innocent look.
“I don’t know what you mean. Somebody fussing?”
 Daddy loves his girl!
I love all her smiles.
Forget carpooling, John’s found a quicker way home.
The new F-35.