1st Father’s Day   |   June 18, 2013

This was John’s first Father’s Day weekend and it was busy, as usual, but I hope he felt well loved for all he does for us every day. Becca and Tim came over on Friday night and Carlie was spoiled all over again with Auntie Becca at her beck and call. Tim showed John their pictures from their trip to Papua New Guinea and Becca and I just talked together. It is so special to have her here and share time together when all the rest of the family is so far away. We miss the family times so much but treasure our priceless memories and enjoy the days we get to share still.
Saturday was a little slower than normal and John took a nap in the afternoon with Carlie so I got to go out on a bike ride. There are endless bike trails here but I haven’t had a chance to ride them much. It felt so good to get out and exercise. By the way, biking here is NOTHING like biking in Maine. The trails are flat and you seem to move almost effortlessly. We took supper to John’s parents in the evening to celebrate Father’s Day with Dad Bryan. John grilled chicken and it was delicious. We stayed there rather late and it made getting up on Sunday morning a little tough but it was a nice time together.
Sunday we had church then enjoyed some of our homegrown potatoes, chicken, and corn for dinner. Carlie gave John his Father’s Day card and I had had a T-shirt embroidered with “Promoted to Daddy 2013” and a onesie that read “My Heart Belongs To Daddy.” In the afternoon John wanted a haircut so I tried my best at giving him one. I have been cutting his hair ever since we’ve been married but I can’t say that I’m too good at it yet. Who cares, he looks great no matter what I do with his hair. Sunday night I was supposed to sing for church with my sister in law, Sara. We were there early to practice and I found out once I was there that they wanted me to play organ for the service as well. We sang “Holding Father’s Hand” and the organ playing went ok though I confess I dislike organ music for the most part. We didn’t actually have written music for our song but Sara had heard it and we sang it by ear and with the words written out. Thankfully we both remembered the tune the same with each verse. The song talks of a little girl who’s father is teaching her to walk and then compares it with trusting our Heavenly Father as we hold His hand through our life and we learn to walk with Him. On the way home from church we ran over a large bolt on the highway and had to pull off to see what sounded so strange with our tire. To make a long story short, our friends, Jimmy and Samantha, came out with a tire repair kit, jack, and air compressor and rescued us. It was a little late when we got home but Carlie was so good through the whole time and never fussed at all even though the night was hot and sticky. It made a memorable evening for John’s first Father’s Day to end with.
I talked with Dad a little while while the guys were working on the repair. I am every day more thankful for the wonderful Dad I have and his great influence in my life. His unwavering faith, unconditional love, and every day supportive prayers are a anchor I cling to. Thank you, Dad!

 Auntie Becca rocking Carlie to sleep.
 Tim sharing pictures of Papua New Guinea. 
 Saturday sunhat. 
 How do you think it looks, Aunties?
Thank you!! XO
 Father’s Day
 John enjoys his time with Carlie.
 She looks like she thinks I’m intruding. 

 Carlie really liked the card she gave to John.
She was trying so hard to put it in her mouth she was shaking.
 Daddy to the rescue.
 A memorable evening.
But she was so good and never fussed.
 John, surveying the damage.
 Ready to head home.
Thank you Jimmy, and Samantha.

4 thoughts on “1st Father’s Day”

  1. you are VERY welcome!!!:-D

  2. Vicki says:

    She is just adorable!!!! So glad you were able to get your tire fixed!!

  3. Carol says:

    What a beautiful little girl.And it is evident that she is so loved. We are enjoying the pictures and the videos. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Love you and look so forward some day to holding your precious little gift from God.
    Love to all.
    Mr and Mrs Pigott

  4. johnnfawn says:

    Thanks so much for the comment. It takes a little time to add pictures and keep the post up so it's great to hear people are enjoying it. Sometimes I'm not too sure if anyone looks at it but Mum and Dad! Love you too!

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