A Week At A Glance   |   June 30, 2013
 Uncle Tim and Aunt Becca are very willing babysitters. 
Since they live right in town I often leave Carlie with them if I have many errands to run
She is always happy and spoiled when I get her back.
 Had a tough time getting to sleep after a busy day.
Daddy had the magic touch.
Carlie loves her Daddy and has big smiles whenever she sees him.
 Carlie likes to stand almost all the time 
so I have to really try to entertain her when 
she lies on her tummy to strengthen her back.
 You can see her face if blurry because she’s always moving.
She’s trying figure out who all her little friends are.
 My friend Samantha made this dress/ skirt. 
She made it as a skirt for her small 5 year old
but it didn’t fit so she gave it to Carlie as a dress.
I thought she looked so adorable (and funny).

 The model using her shocked pose.
 She looks like she’s asking, “Where’s the top? Is the dress supposed to end right here?”
Samantha offered to add straps if it fit her well.
 Carlie slept about four hours this afternoon!
Very unusual for her.
 John worked so hard all afternoon weeding, picking produce, mowing…
Here’s some of the results. The rutabaga is really small, I don’t know why.
Here’s a warning! 
I found this when I unloaded my dishwasher this morning.
It had fallen down in the bottom and melted over the metal pipe. 
Maybe everyone knows this but it was a reminder to me to put all
small things on the top rack where they can’t fall down.

3 thoughts on “A Week At A Glance”

  1. Jimmy and I just rolled with laughter at the pics of her in the dress. She is SO cute and that look on her face was absolutely priceless. I am glad it finally fit somebody! 🙂

  2. Sara Bryan says:

    The look on Carlie's face in the dress is too funny!

  3. Vicki says:

    Oh she is SO adorable!!! Such a priceless expression on her face! It makes me laugh every time I look at the pictures. 🙂

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