Another Box From Maine   |   June 14, 2013
 My new little friends arrived form Maine Monday. We have received so many packages from friends and family in Maine and we so much love and appreciate each one of you and all your thoughtfulness to us. Carlie is desperately spoiled and has so many presents from Maine she won’t even notice when her birthday or Christmas arrives. I have a special little box in her room where I plan to keep all the special hand made treasures when she out grows them. 
 “Wow another new dress from Maine!”
I think Carlie Jane is going to start believing Maine is one big dress and toy factory with all the gifts she’s received from home.
This outfit was very highly complimented by all the ladies when she wore it out for the first time Wednesday. I especially love the hat. I try to keep hats on her a lot when we go places since the sun it so terribly intense here and she still has so little hair. I’m so worried her head will get sun burned.
 “Thank you, Grammie Limeburner!”
 I just love this picture! Her cheeks look so kissable.
Carlie’s baby doll has a matching bonnet
 but she looks a little concerned that the doll took her hat.