Back to Normal   |   June 10, 2013

Jury duty is over but it was a very good learning experience for me. While growing up and hearing Dad tell about all the cases he had to testify in I always thought cases were so easy with a “good guy” and a “bad guy.” I did a lot of soul searching this week and learned so much about being objective and what justice really means. I don’t really want or need to get into all the details of the trial but it was about a young man who was driving recklessly and a lady was killed because of it. On the other hand, I also learned how much I treasure my time with my little girl. I am so thankful to Tim and Becca for helping out this week and for being so flexible. Carlie always came home happy and I know she was well loved and fussed over. I don’t have too many new pictures to add since we were so busy last week but I’ll give you a few from this weekend. Friday, John had off but I spent the day at the court house and Saturday we went blueberry picking, grocery shopping and went for a picnic with John’s family for supper. Sunday we finally got some rain which we needed badly and it’s still raining! We had church and in the afternoon I asked John to cut my hair because it was so long it would fall in Carlie’s face every time I bent over her and she was hanging on it and ripping handfuls out. Sadly, I don’t have pictures of the “procedure” but he did a great job and it is a much more manageable length now. He was quite worried about doing it but I assured him I had so much hair he had plenty of room to make mistakes and fix it. He did a perfect job and it feels much better. Carlie still blinks when I bend over her expecting to have my hair hit her, poor little Peanut.

This video was taken by Tim while he and Becca were babysitting last week.
Joel’s graduation last Friday.
Carlie Jane was so good.
 A little snack to make it through the ceremony.
First day of jury duty I felt terrible leaving her for the first time. 
But as you can see, she was comfortable and happy when I got her home.
 A little of the produce form our garden this weekend.
 Can you believe this!?
(She looks like she’s pretending to pilot a ship.)
 Blueberry picking.
A lot different than picking blueberries in Maine.
 Carlie Jane was a very good girl and just sat there talking to
 John for a few hours while we picked berries. It was so cute
she went on and on and on telling him everything she could think of.
 My blueberry basket.

 Carlie fell asleep at the picnic. Just too tired from berry picking.
 John played volleyball.
 Carlie home from church. 
Slept all through church! Good Girl! 🙂
I made  chicken dinner after church.
I guess, it took too long to get ready.
Congradulations on your Graduation, Charity!
We wish we could have been there!