The Lake   |   June 12, 2013

Yesterday John emailed me from the base and asked if I wanted to go out to the lake after he got off work and cook steaks on a fire for supper. and of course, that’s just what we did. Carlie was wonderful and watched John build the fire and then fell asleep. It was a great evening and it was nice to get away and do something for fun. Here are a few pictures.

 Becca came for a visit Monday and brought Carlie Jane a new hat.
She has a look of, “A hat in June?”
 Helping make supper.
 Disaster! Carlie keeps dropping her pacifier on the hard tile floor 
and it has been cracked for weeks but yesterday it finally broke in two.
 It’s the only kind of pacifier she liked.

 See, I tried the other pacifier and she keeps it handy 
for emergencies but doesn’t really like it.

 Her feet were cold but perhaps the boots were over kill.
 I am working on a new quilt and let Carlie play with the pieces.
“Mummy, this is boring. Can’t you finish the quilt later?”
 Supper at the lake.
 John can build fires from nothing anywhere.




2 thoughts on “The Lake”

  1. Vicki says:

    She is so adorable and growing all the time! Such cute little faces she makes.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    I have been thinking she sure seems big now that you have your new little one and I remember how little she used to be. Your little man is so precious. I can't wait to hold him.

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