4 Month Appointment   |   July 02, 2013

Yesterday was Carlie’s four month appointment with her pediatrician. He had a student with him, a young man in medical school. Carlie now weighs 15 pounds and is 25 inches long. He said she is in the 75 percentile range in length and weight. She had a few more vaccinations but the first one she hardly reacted to at all and the second one she screeched but settled right down as soon as it was over. Very different from her last vaccinations when she was still crying when we got out to the car. The doctor asked to do a little teaching with Carlie since she was being so happy. She liked the doctor and student and was smiling at them and try to talk with the doctor as he was explaining things to the student. The doctor kept having to stop and ask her, “Am I giving the lesson or do you want to?”

 Carlie loves the sound of the paper on the exam table
 and she was kicking and wiggling all over the place.
 See my fancy band-aids?
“I’m going to leave them on so Daddy will feel bad for me when he gets home.”

She is growing and changing so fast. On Saturday I was holding Carlie in a standing position and as I walked out to the kitchen I was hopping her along, as if she was walking. But after about two hops I could see she was putting one foot in front of the other. I stopped hopping and watched her very slowing, put one foot forward then the other, like she was practicing walking. I picked her up and told her she was only four month old and was still a baby and babies don’t walk! 

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  1. Vicki says:

    Oh doctor pokes are so sad. Brett still has little marks from all the lab work and IV's in the NICU! So glad that Carlie is growing so well!

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