A weekend   |   July 15, 2013

 This weekend was busy and Carlie has been taking a long morning nap now trying to catch up on her rest. John has a four day weekend because the base has him on furlough. It’s great to have him home and I get twice as much done in a day with all his help with Carlie Jane.


 Carlie Jane’s moose, Mortimer, is her constant companion. I had put him on her tray when I put her in the jumper but when I came back to the kitchen a minute later he was in the jumper with her! I thought they looked so cute sharing the seat that I took far too many pictures and I thought I’d share them with you.



 Trying to learn how to hold her own bottle.

 I came in the living room on Saturday to check on Carlie. She was lying back on the pillows where I had put her but lying very still and holding Tigger’s hand. She isn’t often still and they looked so cute as though she thought she had found a new friend.

 A snuggle with Peter Rabbit.
 Carlie’s first “real” food. Banana!
 Carlie Jane on the Sunday morning bus ride.
 John’s first week of regular bus captain work.
The picture coloring contest.