Little Moments   |   July 10, 2013

 Last week we got Carlie this jumper since she likes to stand all the time. As much as I would love to hold her all the time, I really need to get things accomplished in a day. I call it her “Tigger Trainer.” (Since bouncing is what Tiggers do best) She loves it and it gives me a little more time in a day. This video was her first time trying it and since then she has gotten much more bouncy. At this time she was mostly interested in the sound the fabric made when she scratched it.

  Taking steps.
 Looking cute.
 Our new neighbors.
 Carlie likes her ballerina shoes.
  They help her fall asleep. 🙂
  It made me laugh the first time I gave them to her and she fell right asleep.


 Supper conversation last night.

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  1. Sara Bryan says:

    Carlie looks so cute in her bouncer. It is funny how after my Anna is in her bouncer, she will bounce while standing on my lap. 🙂 Carlie is getting much more vocal. Watch out world – she speaks!

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