Long Weekend and Package From Maine   |   July 31, 2013
Grilling ham steaks and baked beans Friday night.
John loves the long weekends with his girl.

Carlie Jane received another package from Maine 
and was excited to see what was in there.

 Here are Carlie’s new shoes…they don’t match the outfit but…
 They sure look like they taste good.
Yesterday Carlie was sitting in her Johnny jumper while I was working on cleaning up the kitchen. She was getting fussy and I made her up a bottle and gave her a frozen gummy ring while I was getting the bottle warm. I always keep her gummies in the freezer these days while Carlie is teething. The bottle was warm and ready so I took all the toys and gummies out of her hands and took her into the living room to feed her the bottle. Just as I sat down and was getting her settled, I felt something very cold on my chest and then slide down to my belly. There was a frozen gummy down my shirt. I don’t know how she got it again after I took it away from her or how she got it down my shirt but I looked down to ask her about it and she was smiling up at me like she really thought it was funny.

3 thoughts on “Long Weekend and Package From Maine”

  1. How do you grill baked beans?

  2. johnnfawn says:

    You can just put a open can of Bush's on the grill and it will taste great or on Friday I poured the can into a disposable pie pate and put it on the grill. The beans tasted even better. You have to stir them occasionally and wait until they boil. They taste very nice and smokey.

  3. Hmm…I never heard of it before. Was picturing the beans poored onto the grill and an attempt being made to salvage the ones that stuck to the grate.

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