1st Swim in the Gulf   |   August 12, 2013

 We were out on Friday night visiting with some of the children who ride the church bus on Sundays and we saw this century plant in bloom. I had never seen one of these plants until I lived here but they look like a over grown aloe plant and has only big meaty leaves. They live exactly one hundred years and then shoots up this tree like “bloom” and then dies. It is a very unusual cycle and I don’t think they are that beautiful but are so fascinating. I had never seen one in bloom before so we stopped to take a picture of it.


 Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party on the beach for Carlie’s Bryan cousins, Ethan and Micah. It was a very nice afternoon and Carlie was pretty happy despite the fact she was so tired. She borrowed Micah’s stroller and she looked so big to me since her buggy is so much bigger and makes her look small.

 Ethan’s birthday cake. He’s three this year!

 Carlie’s Grandma Bryan found this swimming outfit with the life jacket in it and Carlie Jane tried it out for the first time on Saturday. It is still too big for her but I thought she looked so cute in it and John took her out for her first swim in the Gulf. She loves the water even though she had to endure me smearing sun screen all over her first. It might not have been necessary since it was late in the evening but  I am so scared of letting her get burned I make her wear hats and sunscreen all the time.

 Carlie always is full of smiles for her Daddy.



 Auntie Becca finally got Carlie Jane to sleep Sunday evening after I had tried all afternoon. 
Becca and Tim will find out on Thursday if they have a boy or a girl and we are all so excited to know.
 One more snack at bed time and Carlie slept all night. Though she doesn’t sleep through the night every night yet. She makes it through the night more often than she doesn’t.
My friend Beth Grey from Maine sent Carlie Jane these adorable shoes and they are so fascinating to Carlie. Every time I put them on her she just wiggles her feet and stares at them. 

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    Awww…Carlie's little laugh is so adorable!!!! So is her swimsuit!! 🙂

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