A Little of This and a Little of That   |   August 05, 2013
 A hard battle won after several hours of fighting sleep.

 Carlie and I often go for early morning visits to our neighbor cows. I think watching cows is so relaxing some how and love to just stand by the fence and show them to Carlie Jane. Carlie has a new outfit from Maine I really like it. The little ribbons are so cute and the bright colors are perfect for summer.


 I really liked this picture because you can see her little feet and cows beyond the fence. There is a little calf in the field this summer and he is still very small. He often comes over to the fence and tries to put his head through and Carlie gets all excited and kicks her feet and chatters.


 Friday John went Kayaking and we took him to the river at one spot and returned a few hours later to a spot about seven miles down the river where he ended up. Because of all the rain recently the river was very high and swift John said he was able to just drift for a long while and it was so quiet and peaceful out there. I was so glad he was able to do that. He hadn’t been kayaking for such a long time but he just made a new carrier for his car so he could put the kayak on the car. I forgot to take a picture of the neat carrier he made but I’ll try to when we use it next.

 John applying sunscreen and getting ready to head out on to the river.

 We took Carlie down to the river and put her feet in the water. It was a very hot day and she seemed to really enjoy it, trying to kick her feet and splash the water.

 Carlie Jane has almost grown into her sun hat and she really needs it these days.




 John heading out on his kayak down the river.

 When I was a little girl Grandma and Grandpa Jones gave me story books when they came to see us. They were from a publishing company called Rod and Staff and were really sweet old fashion kinds of stories and most of them survived my growing up though they have scribbling on a few pages and a few corners that have obviously been used as teethers. I now read them to Carlie Jane and as you can see she is adding a little of her own memory marks to the books. We always called them the Grandmie Jones books and though Carlie has never seen her Great Grandma Jones I read her the stories and tell all about her Jones family and how they were such a big part of my life.

  Such a big girl sitting up in the rocking chair by herself and so pleased with herself too.


 Mum and Dad gave us this “johnny book” when they were down in February. My oldest brother Jason was given this story book when he was a baby and it was our favorite bed time story when we were growing up. But the one we had was so worn and loved it no long had the cover and I was surprised what the book looked like, though Mum told me is was just the same as what our old one started out looking like. Reading time was always so special to me as a little girl though looking back I have no idea how Mum ever had time to read us stories with eight kids and endless amounts of laundry and dishes and gardening….but she always did. I remember she never seemed to be able to stay awake through a whole story and her voice would get softer and her words became slower and slowly died off. We would wake her up ,not thinking of how exhausted she must have been or if she’d been up all night with the babies, remind her where she had stopped and ask her to finish the story. I also remember how Mum had “the johnny book” memorized from reading it so often and could simply hold the book open and recite the pages while looking around the room at other things. We kids thought it wasn’t so “story time-ish” with her not looking at the pages and would ask her to please look at the pages while she was saying the words.  I try to read a lot to Carlie too and hope she will treasure all the story times we share.


 Saturday was it was in the high 90’s and even reading over 100 at times. John knew just how to keep a little girl cool and happy on a hot summer day.


Carlie Jane has discovered her toes and spends a lot of  her time trying to get them in her mouth. This is rather nice for me because she entertains herself with them and even when she loses all her towns she just plays with her feet instead of crying.

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  1. Vicki says:

    We have the Grammie Jones book that Matt had when he was little, for Brett. We haven't read it to him yet, but we have been working our way through the exact same Johnny book that Carlie Jane has that Grampie and Grammie McFarland gave him. 🙂
    As always I enjoy your updates!!

  2. johnnfawn says:

    Those little books are so sweet and timeless.

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