Becca, Bromeliads, Bears, and Baby Blankets   |   August 16, 2013

 Becca comes over often when she has some free time and we always love spending time with her. She sometimes has projects to work on and other times she takes care of Carlie Jane so I can work on projects.


 Carlie is getting better at entertaining herself while I get things done around the house. She looks very tired and serious in these pictures. She was sleepy but our camera is bright blue and it always fascinates her whenever we use it. It is very hard to take a picture of the expression you wanted or video tape her just being herself since when she sees the camera she stops.



 Several weeks ago John brought me home a bromeliad plant and I discovered the flowering plant is in the same family as the pineapple and you grow them the same way. So, I decided to try growing pineapples from a few tops I had left after cutting up pineapple for John’s lunches. You can also grown them from the little seeds that fall off while you are cutting them up but that obviously will take a little longer. When starting them from a top it takes about two years to get a pineapple. So I started two tops and I’ll let you know how they do. These two have been growing a few weeks now.



 I also tried making salsa several weeks ago when our tomatoes were still coming off. One batch I made was very hot and the second one I tamed down with extra tomatoes. We have had trouble with them not staying canned. They seal nicely but several weeks later they will unseal as though pressure builds up inside and finally unseals the can. Anyone know why that happens or what I should do differently?
(The pickled okra is still left from last summer. A little of my pickled okra goes a long way.)


 For a while I have been thinking about making quilts to sell online but several weeks ago I was thinking I would rather make bears with matching baby quilts to sell. I have just the top of a quilt done that matches these bears. One of these bears belongs to Carlie Jane but I made a second one to try out for my little bear and blanket project. I think I’ll try to mismatch the bear more  to match the blankets another time. I was thinking I should make his feet, hands, ears or nose to match the other fabric prints I have in the quilt. I may also try some other animals such as a bunny or lion but we’ll see how it goes.



You can see in this picture his still needs to be stitched up on his back but he’s mostly finished. So what do you think? Would you use this bear pattern or find another one?

 Here is the part of the quilt I finished the other day.
I thought I would keep it simple if I was going to make lots of quilts.

4 thoughts on “Becca, Bromeliads, Bears, and Baby Blankets”

  1. Emily Bryan says:

    A quilty bear is an adorable idea 🙂

  2. Tim Lewis says:

    That's adorable Ness… I love it! When we get back home I will bring over some different patterns of other animals like that if you want…. I have a few other animals…but what a great idea!

  3. Jason says:

    Didn't know Tim was such a stitcher of stuffed animals…hmmmm.

  4. Dude….did you seriously create a blogspot profile just so you could slam Tim? rofl

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