Not Something They Taught in Home Economics   |   August 08, 2013
 I think Carlie looks a lot like John in this picture.
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 Every once in a while I find myself doing something and thinking, “This is certainly something I never thought I’d have to do. How come I told them I could do this. I have no idea how to do it.” Well this week John’s boss phoned me to ask if I thought I could mend his wrestling mat and of course, I said I could. John brought it home and the picture above is the tear on the back of the mat. It was about two feet long and he gave me about a yard of matching fabric to put over it as a patch. I tried to pull the tear together but it was bunching up and making it worse. Then I remembered a stitch I used to see my surgeons use when I was working in Maine Coast General Surgery and thought I would try it in this case and see how it worked. It worked beautifully and I didn’t even want to cover up the mending job with the patch.:-)


Here is the patch I made up and then had to figure out how to attach it. It wasn’t easy with only straight needles and bear finders but after a few hours and many needle pricks or more like punctures it was complete. It isn’t perfect but it was the best I can do and this morning John took it back to the base. His boss needs it for a wrestling match this week end so it will soon be put to the test to see if it will hold.

 The secret to my good success with the sewing project was all this good help I had.

 This is the latest sewing invention…the thread holder. You can’t pick them up at any sewing supply story I had to order this one special.


She not only holds the thread but also makes sure the whole spool is already licked and slobbered all over so you don’t have to keep liking your fingers or the thread to thread the needle.

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  1. Emily Bryan says:

    I love your cute thread holder. Especially saving you so much time by icking the thread for you!

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