Too Many Baby Pictures   |   August 23, 2013

 Carlie loves to stand and try to walk and does it pretty well until she notices her feet moving. She become distracted with her feet and just marches in place rather than moving forward like she is supposed to.



 Carlie has her own rickshaw and really enjoys going for rides with John. I like riding but the heat is still a little much for me most days. She looks so funny riding in her wagon and reminds me of a queen out for an evening stroll in her chariot.



 She also loves her apple sauce. Just this week she has become very interested in food and tries to take things from me while I am trying to eat. She also likes grabbing the spoon and putting her hand into the apple sauce cup while I’m feeding her. She applies all the apple sauce to her hair and if it does some day turn out to be a hair treatment it may be used for nourishment but certainly not for fast growth or I would be noticing it by now.



 Carlie doesn’t get much time with John during the work week since he is up and gone to the base before she wakes up and she is ready for bed about an hour after he gets home. Some days John keeps her up late to make up a few of those hours they miss being together. She may be a little sleepy but she can sleep in the next morning.


 As you can see, Carlie Jane can sit up pretty well on her own though she tires after a while and I usually find her drooped all the way to the floor with her face between her feet.

 I just loved this picture.
 They were setting up something on the iPod.
Carlie’s cousin out grew her swing and let Carlie borrow it. She likes is some times but has become far too spoiled with me rocking, singing, read, dancing, and bouncing her to sleep at night. It has really given my back a break and has seemed to work at keeping her asleep longer when I have laid her in it after I put her to sleep.
She can talk! Yay…I think…