A Few Preciouse Moments   |   September 12, 2013

There is a never ending supply of apples in Maine this time of year and John enjoyed trying every kind he could find.


Mum was out picking grapes one afternoon and thought the bees might be swarming so Charity, and Rachel went out to see if they could do anything about it. But by the time we got out there the bees has settled their differences and were headed back into the hive.


One morning John, Carlie, Mum, and I took a walk down to Carding Brook Farm where Charity works. She gave a tour of the farm and the beautiful farm stand they have all filled with colorful vegetables and fruit.


On the way back from the farm we stopped on the Sedgwick-Brooklin Bridge to watch the tide just because it is too beautiful to just walk by.


The view from the top of Blue Hill Mountain where John and I were engaged almost three years ago. We always have to hike it when we are in Maine. It was always one of my favorite hikes when I lived there and I have hiked it in all weather, seasons, day and night and I still never tire of it.

It was too much of a hike for Carlie Jane and she took a break on the way down.


We spent Thursday with Matt, Vicki, and Brett out on Bar Harbor and it was a beautiful day for seeing all the beautiful sites and enjoying the cool air.


The waves at Sand Beach scared Carlie Jane. I guess we don’t take her to the beach enough in Florida.

I just love these pictures of John and Carlie Jane!

John let her put her toes in the sand but it was rather cool and she waves really upset her so it didn’t last long.

Rachel and Charity on a Sunday afternoon walk with me. Thanks for all the fun, girls and especially for all the great laughs.
Apple picking 

Dad and Carlie had great fun reading stories, having bedtime bottles, and learning to say, “Handsome Grandfather.” Dad was trying to teach Carlie to say handsome Grandfather and kept telling us he thought she had said it. 🙂 She had just started saying Dada the day we left for Maine and hasn’t even got Mama yet. He also “read” the the three little pigs to her in his own version. Once I over heard him telling her that the three little pigs had a huge chew of bubble gum and a scarecrow wanted it. I never had heard that one before but when I looked in to see what they were reading he was flipping quickly through a book and making up a story as they looked at the pictures. He said books went much better that way. This out fit Grammie Limeburner made for Carlie Jane and gave it to her when she was there. I think it is so adorable!


John and I went up in the Bucksport bridge observatory even though it wasn’t a super clear day. The observatory it the tallest bridge observatory in the world, the only one in the Western hemisphere. There are two other smaller ones in the world but I think they are in Thailand, and Sweden. We also walked through Fort Knox that day since it is right beside the bridge tower.


Grandma Jones was in the hospital while we were in Maine and there were many phone calls to and from Nova Scotia. Carlie liked to dial the numbers on the old phone and talked to Great Grandma Jones for a minute before Carlie hung up on her. Oh Dear!

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  1. Vicki says:

    Beautiful pictures,Nessa!! We have so much enjoyed spending time with you guys while you have been here. We love you all!

  2. Tim Lewis says:

    Im sooo happy for you! Why does Carlie have all new outfits since going to Maine? 😉

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