My Birthday   |   September 28, 2013

 Carlie Jane really enjoys the fall decorations and is good at putting the leaves in a random display that looks like how they naturally fall.

 She stands on holding on to something very well now.
 We harvested some peppers the other day after our morning walk and she wanted to taste them first.
 We made a little pumpkin decorations out of circles folded in half and glued together. I did have to flatten the bottom of the circles so it would stand but other than that it worked well. I didn’t have any green gift ribbon so I just used white for the vine.

 The weather was beautiful for my birthday and we opened the windows. Carlie Jane was very excited about that and was happy to find the window was just at her height.

 John got the day off and Carlie found he had a drink of juice he was willing to share with her.

 John took me out to supper and we went to the naval aviation museum and watched a IMAX movie on the Canadian Pacific Railroad. I really enjoyed the evening and Carlie was good all the way through the big, load movie.


” How come I have to have green beans again when you guys are getting pizza…Don’t I even get a menu?”

 It was very good pizza

 John even made me a cake! It was very delicious.
 Orange flavored with cream cheese frosting.
 Carlie Jane got to stay up late and have a little taste of the cake. Thank you for all the phone calls from home! It always makes my day to hear from you birthdays or any day in between.
Thanks for a wonderful birthday, John!
 Breakfast this morning was blueberry pancakes. We aren’t running the buses for church this week so we don’t have visitation and get to have a slow Saturday. We took a walk and are excited about family week at church this week.
 The windows were open again today and Carlie was equally excited today.

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  1. Emily Bryan says:

    Happy birthday! Carlie is soooo cute 🙂

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