A few things I’ve been working on   |   October 29, 2013

For my birthday John registered me to attend a ladies conference that was held about an hour from here. There were different speakers and classes as well as plenty of time to relax. He was hoping I could go and get a full nights sleep. It worked out John was off on Friday and since it was only Thursday evening through Saturday morning, John took care of Carlie Jane. I had never been to anything like that before but I really enjoyed the time there and was able to really relax and not worry..too much… about Carlie Jane and John.


About a week ago we had a cool evening and I tried Carlie’s hat on her to see if it still fits. It is the one the hospital gave her when she was born. It was a little tight but it still worked.

 Carlie Jane and John on the bus on Sunday afternoon.

 I made Carlie a Christmas night dress this morning. I know it’s a little early but if I don’t do my Christmas sewing early I wake up to realize it’s the day after Christmas and nothing was finished.

 I made a baby blanket to match the bear I made this summer. 
 The crocheted edge.
A quiet moment.