A Week of Cold   |   October 12, 2013
Carlie Jane heading out for a walk with John. See the moose Grandpa Bryan gave her!
When she goes for walks now she sings while we go done the dirt road near our house. She likes how it make her voice waver and will try to hold a tone all the way through the bumpy spots. She also does the same thing when she is going to sleep. If I never her to settle herself down in her crib she will cry for a few minutes and then start these long…”yaaaaaa..yyyaaaaaaaaa.” until she finally fades off to sleep.

 Carlie and I have had a cold for the past week and this day was Carlie’s first day with the cold. She was very tired and fussy and fell asleep on her morning walk. I don’t know why she took along the little mickey. I think she was chewing on him while we were out walking earlier.
Carlie Jane stands very well holding on to things now and even pulled herself up in her crib when I came into her room a few days ago. She can clap her hands but doesn’t seem to understand that she is supposed to do clap too when I try to show her how. She just smiles and looks pleased with herself as if, “Thanks, Mum, I don’t even think I didn’t anything but I’m glad you’re happy today.”


Carlie Jane inherited this little doll cradle her Great Great Great Grandpa made. (I may have too many greats in there) She is the first granddaughter and great granddaughter on both sides of my family. She plays with this every day and I think is just beginning to realize the doll doesn’t really see her because she used to smile for her doll all the time.


I put some peppers and spaghetti sauce in the blender for Carlie this week and she loved it but because she had a runny, itchy nose her face looked amazing when we were finished.

“See Everyone I Do Have Hair!”
Carlie Jane’s first barrette. It really was stuck in a few hairs and she left it there but it fell off, I mean out, before too long.

Carlie has had a cold all week and was very fussy and clingy. She had her first cold when she was about a month old but she was so little and was sleeping so much it didn’t bother her much. This time she definitely knew something was wrong with her nose and would rub it and rub it and sniffle and cough. I felt so bad for her and spoiled her too much and am beginning to regret it a little. In this picture she fell asleep in John’s arms with out any rocking or bouncing, which is very unusual.

3 thoughts on “A Week of Cold”

  1. Vicki says:

    So sorry you and Carlie have colds. Praying you are feeling better soon!!!

  2. johnnfawn says:

    We are better now. Only Carlie has a little cough left over. Thanks for your prayers.

  3. Tim Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness,,,, she's getting sooo big! I remember taking her for a walk in her stroller when she was about a week old, and her feet didn't even come to the edge of the seat!

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