Family Camp   |   October 03, 2013

Every year in October our church has Family Camp. Any families who want to go out camping together at a camp ground not too far from our house and the church rents the pavilion to serve breakfast and supper. We always have a great time together and Pastor always has a fishing contest going too. There are many different categories but because I don’t fish I don’t remember all the different prizes there are but everyone enjoys fishing in the lake by the camp ground.
This year John and I shared a campsite with Nate, Danni, Ethan, and Micah. We went out on Sunday afternoon and set everything up and then went back home for a few more things and finally were out to our campsite to stay about midnight on Sunday night. A special speaker is always invited and he talks to us every evening about family issues or problems families face today. This year the speaker was David Roth and his wife. I didn’t really get a chance to talk with them myself but I really enjoyed the services and what he had to share was helpful.


 Micah and Carlie Jane often shared Micah’s playpen in the mornings while the rest of us were getting ready for the day. Carlie Jane really enjoyed it but Micah is walking now and was not content with the limited space being even more limited with the additional cousin to share it with. But he entertained himself by throwing all his toys out onto the ground and waiting for one of us to put them back in again.


 Carlie Jane is a great camper and this is the third camping adventure in her seven months, if you count camping every night on the way to Maine and back as one adventure. She didn’t sleep well the first night and kept everyone awake but that was likely because we woke her up to take her out to the campsite and then woke her again when we arrived and by the second time she was confused and couldn’t sleep. But after that she slept better than she ever has.


There is a second lake about a miles walk through the woods from out camp ground where we can swim. There was no swimming in Bear Lake because of alligators. So every day we walked the woods trail to go swimming. Though the evenings are comfortable the days are still very warm here. The long walks over to Krul Lake always put Carlie to sleep.



 But she always woke up when we got there and got to enjoy a little swim. She didn’t really seem to like the cold water though. She would fuss a little and make terrible faces.

 Micah and Nate went swimming with us but Micah liked it much better than Carlie Jane.
 Five of the Bryan cousins cooling off.
Carlie Jane, Ethan, Micah, Anna, and Lily.

 John would often take care of Carlie in the mornings for me so I could go get a shower. Neither of them look too comfortable in this picture but Carlie looks safe from falling off.

 Sitting in the camp chair waiting for breakfast.
 The sunrise through the playpen screen.

 Carlie Jane fell asleep during breakfast most days but at night when we wanted her to sleep through the service, she was always wide awake and wanting to sing.


 This is the pavilion the church rented where we had our meals and the services in the evenings. The fish on the wall were caught in Bear Lake though there doesn’t seem to be fish of that size in there any more.


 Carlie Jane playing in the shade after swimming one afternoon. She was fascinated with the sand. She’s sitting on my sunhat because she is all wet and I didn’t want her outfit or diaper to get all sandy. It worked pretty well.

 Here is the Krul Lake where we went swimming.
 Ethan having breakfast. 
Carlie Jane getting her oatmeal and applesauce breakfast.

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