It’s Been a While   |   October 21, 2013

The weeks go by so fast and it’s high time I share a few moments with you. Our days are much cooler and nights are perfect. I am enjoying every minute of cool weather and have been spending much time outdoors walking Carlie.


 Carlie Jane has been riding the bus with us and this month we have a contest going on trying to get more children to ride the bus to Sunday School. It makes our weekends super busy but it’s rewarding to work with these little ones who have nothing. One morning we found our tootsie rolls had been put in the freezer instead of the fridge through the week. Carlie Jane even got a frozen tootsie roll to rub on her gums. After a bit though it softened and she lost the treat when I saw her smiling away while she chewed on her first candy.

 Carlie Jane has this night dress Great Grammie and Grampie McFarland gave her and she looks so adorable when she wears it. I just had to take a picture for you.

 Carlie Jane was bored with bouncing in her jumper and found this oven rack behind the refrigerator and after working at it about a half hour she got it out. She loved the sound of it on the tiles and entertained herself with it about an hour. I just love how nothing is ordinary to her and everything about life amazes her.


 Look at that face! She was helping folding clothes but she looks like she thinks she is going to get in trouble.

 I love baby feet.

 John put in the sprinkler system in the back yard over Columbus Day. A lot of hard work but it works perfectly and will be so great next summer. We should have real grass!

 John let Carlie Jane play with the pieces and joints for the sprinkler system and she loved them.


 We are taking a lot of morning walks now that the days are cooler. We go see the neighbors cows, goats, ponies, and another neighbor’s dogs like to walk with us. This is Sabastian, my favorite neighborhood dog. He always comes out to see us when we walk by and you can tell Carlie Jane likes him just as much. He is so funny with ears that are longer than his legs. This is his Eeyore face. You can see he is thinking, “Laughing at me again.” 

 Carlie Jane likes to try on my sun hat even though she has about five of her own that actually fit.

 When we are waiting for John at the park and ride I always take Carlie out of her car seat so she can play while we wait. She holds onto the steering wheel so she can stand up and watches cars go by.

This day will come all too soon.

 Story time with Daddy. 
(Nurse Nancy golden book)
 Carlie was playing with her toys and I put this doll hat on her head and she left it. What a funny girl!

 Carlie Jane helped me bake for the first time this week. We made pumpkin bread. Don’t worry I never left her on the counter without standing right in front of her.


 I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming but the minute I put her on the counter beside the bowl she put her hand all the way into the batter and took it out and put it in her mouth. I think the recipe was tasty to her because it took my constant attention to keep her hand out of the bowl from then on.


 If discovering batter wasn’t interesting enough, then there were the bread pans. They make great sounds when you hit them  with a spoon or bang them together. She didn’t want to give them up for me to grease and fill.


 The recipe turned out well with all the great help I had. John and I both really enjoy pumpkin bread and we found out Carlie Jane loves it just as well cooked as she did uncooked.


Carlie Jane turned eight months old on Sunday. She has made my days to much richer.
 What did I ever do with out her!

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