First Parade   |   November 11, 2013

 A week ago we went out for supper to a little Italian restaurant we really enjoy. Because we don’t often get a babysitter, Carlie Jane got to come along. It isn’t that she doesn’t like the waitress. It isn’t that she isn’t glad she got to go along. The face is, “I’m getting some sort of green pudding that used to be peas and it looks to me everyone else is getting pizza.”

 Sharing a pumpkin bread snack with Daddy one morning last week.

 This last week Carlie Jane has really learned to pull herself up on everything and is especially happy to play with her car seat when it is in the house. I don’t know why because she doesn’t like to have anything to do with it when it is in the car.

 I just thought the little feet were too adorable

 I have been working on a lot of sewing and crocheting recently and this is one of my bags of scrap fabric. I returned to the living room to see Carlie so proud of herself for standing up on her own and really enjoying hitting the bag.

 “I think I’m going to curl my hair. I’ve seen Mummy use 
this and it makes long curls. Maybe it will work for me.”

 This week Pastor gave us a certificate of dedication and a little white Bible for Carlie Jane. She always loves books and was liking the Bible especially because of the little white ribbon sticking out and the shiny pages.


 We had a rainy day this Thursday and Carlie loves to look 
out the window any day but she was super fascinated with the falling rain.
 We put the larger car seat in the car for Carlie and 
she was interested in the process of getting it adjusted to her size.

 Friday night there was a banquet at our church for people who do different ministry to be recognized. I made Carlie and I matching dresses but since she was in the nursery the whole evening I forgot to get a picture of us together. I made her dress big so I’ll get a picture the next time we wear them together. Doesn’t John look handsome in his new suit?!


 You can’t really read the title but Carlie is reading the Braiding and Hair styling book. I thought it was so cute when I saw her looking at this book. At least I know she must be an optimistic child.


 This is Carlie Jane this morning all ready to head out for the parade. Becca and Tim where given a lot of baby clothes and they past the girls clothes on to us. This is one of the new dresses.

 Carlie Jane’s first parade.
 I thought she might be afraid of the sirens but she was excited 
and waves her hands and bounced up and down.  
I had never seen it in Maine but here they often through beads at parades as 
well as candy and we got a string of beads for her.
 Carlie Jane waving good bye to the police cars driving behind the parade.
We asked her if she thought it was Grandpa in the cruisers.
 Playing with her prize on the way home.
By the time we got home she was fast asleep. Parades are so tiring!

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