Christmas moments   |   December 07, 2013
 It is time to decorate for Christmas now and Carlie Jane is all too willing to help. 

 The dishwasher is a major interest of hers. Anytime I’m loading or unloading it she come crawling over and tries to help by pulling the tray in and out. It works well until the dishes are all gone and you slip down under the door like this and can’t get back up.


 When dishes are done it’s time to crack pecans. No matter how I tried to keep her out of the buckets of pecans and shells she found away to get in and when I’m working on cracking them she always wants her own nut cracker to chew on or will try to take mine.


 Carlie missed her nap one day this week and when Daddy came home was just too tired to play.
“If Mummy didn’t make me do all the dishes and crack pecans all day I could get some rest.”


 Becca has stayed with us a few weekends while Tim has had to travel. We’ve so much enjoyed having her with us. Last weekend I made ginger bread men and Carlie really liked them since she could really crumble them and gum them up with out teeth.

 Nothing like a package in the mail!
Carlie always wants the boxes. You can see she’s waiting for it.
 Yay! Norton antivirus! Just what I was hoping for!

 Another new skill Carlie has learned recently. She can crawl into the kitchen, open the cupboard doors and take out the plastic-wear. I remembered Mum telling me Grandma Jones always said, “You have to have one cupboard the babies are allowed to get into.” And so I let her have the plastic to avoid her having the glass serving dishes.


 When the cupboards have been emptied its always a wonderful pass time to unpack the diaper bag!

(By the way, that is a clean diaper she’s tasting, though it looks old.)
 Unpacking Christmas lights.


 We went over to Becca and Tim’s yesterday for lunch and Becca gave Carlie Jane her first candy-cane off her Christmas tree. I thought she looked so cute!



 It has been in the high seventies to low eighties this week. It doesn’t really help me get into the Christmas spirit and Carlie had to wear her Christmas jumper like a sundress.

 Becca and I talking in their new apartment yesterday, after lunch.

We got our tree yesterday but we haven’t decorated it and this morning Carlie was helping me get out the decorations we will need. I don’t know why this  picture looks half black and white but it looks kind of like a old Christmas picture touched up with color. I am enjoying sharing Christmas with Carlie Jane and watching her see it all for the first time. She is such a blessing in our life every day.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Oh Carlie Jane is getting so big!!! Isn't Christmas so much more fun when you have a little person. to show everything to for the first time?

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