First Christmas   |   December 27, 2013

The weekend before Christmas was warm and John and I went over to church to clean the bus. Carlie waited in the walker and watched. She was such a patient girl.

 Christmas shopping on the last weekend before Christmas.
We went all the way over to Bass Pro Shop in Alabama.
 Carlie needed to stop for a bottle break so we 
tried out the beds on display in Bed Bath and Beyond 
while John shopped.
Carlie’s first Christmas breakfast was bananas and pancakes.
 John and I had sausage too but she will have to wait 
for a few more teeth to share in that treat.
 What else do you use when you don’t have a hook?
 Our tree on Christmas morning.
Carlie was so tired from staying up the night before she fell asleep
 just after we read the Christmas story and slept for two hours.
We waited as long as we could for her to wake up
 but were supposed to be at Dad and Mom Bryan’s for 
dinner at 1:00. We finally had to start opening our gifts without her.

But it didn’t take long for her to wake up. Grandmie McFarland made her a hat with long curls so no one will ask where her hair is anymore. I love this and Carlie just kept turning her head as if she was wondering what she was feeling on her back.


Carlie didn’t really understand that you had to rip the paper to see the surprise but we had fun showing her and she helped a little.


Uncle Matt and Aunt Vicki sent her a new Christmas dress and she wore it all day.
Christmas over at Grandma and Grandpa Bryan’s.



Carlie got a hold of Janine’s water bottle and after fighting over it with Keith several times she got to play with it a while.

We gave Carlie blocks for Christmas and John stacked them all up in the kitchen for her and then let her knock them down.
Merry Christmas!