A Birthday Blog   |   February 17, 2014
 Since Carlie’s birthday is on Thursday we decided to have her party this Saturday. All the Bryan and Sander’s family got together at Bear Lake for a cookout. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, cake, and a cupcake pinata. It was a windy day and was chilly a bit, especially in the shade but we all had fun and I think our little Birthday Girl felt every bit as spoiled as she is everyday of her life. 
A year ago tomorrow would have been our due date, which ended up being the day we actually went into the hospital. So many precious days and priceless moments have happened all in one year that it seems unreal to me at times. It would be impossible to tell all the big moments of when she smiled, laughed, crawled, cut her first tooth, and walked. But I told John just this morning that most days I think, “Today is my favorite day with her.” Then the next day she has changed a little or discovered something new and I think the same thing all over again. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with being able to stay home with Carlie everyday. Even on days when it seems long and tiring I often think of how it would be to only get evenings with her and miss all the moments in between. I know John works hard and drives long hours to make this all possible but I will always be so thankful for these days we share. What a joy Carlie has brought to our lives and I only hope and pray that we will be able to give her the childhood she needs to bring her these same joys of everyday life. We love you Baby Girl! Happy Birthday!

Here is what a year can do!
From a little sleepy bundle to a
Big girl walking around and all ready for
her birthday party.


We arrived out at Bear Lake before anyone else. It was windy and chilly but we sat in the sunshine and it was pretty warm while John went to look for firewood to build us a fire.

 I think Carlie was prepared for sitting in the sun and got out the sunscreen from her diaper bag.

 I made her a lady bug birthday cake and some cupcakes with chocolate chips for spots, to match her cake.

 We blew her up some birthday balloons and she had fun watching them blow in the wind.


 First Sara, Lily, and Anna arrived and after waiting about an hour we cooked the girls up a few hotdogs since they were getting very hungry. Carlie ate a hole hotdog and bun!




 Everyone else arrived in the early afternoon and Jason took over cooking the hamburgers. He even made a spatula out of the hotdog cooking fork by rapping it with foil, when we discovered we didn’t have anything to turn the burgers with.

 Steve, Emily, Keith, and Alyssa enjoying lunch.


 By the time everyone had eaten we had a very tired baby girl who was quickly wearing down. We decided to have the cake before she got more fussy and couldn’t enjoy it.

 One big candle.
 The wind actually blew it out for her but she was happy to see the cake.

Happy Birthday! Carlie Jane!


 I didn’t know what to do to save her clothes from red frosting so I put one of my old shirts on her in hopes it would cover her and keep most of it off her. It worked pretty well.


 I took far too many “cake face” pictures but she was enjoying it so much!

Then the fun of smearing it all over!


 Clean up!
(Not so fun!)
 Time to open presents.
 She started opening them by herself…
But needed Daddy’s help to read the cards.
 Sunglasses for a Florida girl.
 Pretty ballon

 John and I got her a camp chair her size for when we go camping.
She seemed to like it and has been sitting in it to read her books this weekend.
 Keith and Anna look like they are accusing one another of something.
But the picture is supposed to be of the pinata behind them.
 Trying to keep the baby warm.
 You can see how sleepy she was!
 A warm snuggle with Grandma.
 And finally fell asleep with Daddy.
The end of a perfect day.

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  1. Tim Lewis says:

    oh nessa sooo precious!!! i love the picture of her with the sunglasses and the pacy!!

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    I so know what you mean by "today is my favourite day with her." I often think that about our kids, and try to store away some special pictures ,of sweet mom-child moments, in my mental hard drive to cheer me when I hit a grouchy day (not that I ever have those!!).

  3. Tim Lewis says:

    oh, ness, i really think that the picture of her sleeping a year ago looks a lot like Paul!!! Wow!! i definitely see a resemblance! Too cute!!!

  4. johnnfawn says:

    I can certainly see what you mean! I also see Brett in him a lot!

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