A Little old, A Little new   |   February 25, 2014
 Saturday John took Carlie to the park.
 He biked all the way over there from our house and Carlie rode in the bike trailer. 

 Sharing a orange. I walked for a while but ended up walking home and letting them continue.

 Sunday was Carlie’s first day getting to ride in her car seat facing forward. John was reading about installing it correctly before putting the seat in on Sunday morning.

 Having a little snack in her new chair…
While waiting for supper.
She finished her crackers then sat in her chair and talked to me for a whole half hour.
I don’t know what she was telling me but it sounded interesting and I couldn’t believe how long
she went on and on.

Yesterday we had an ultrasound. It’s so much fun to see the tiny person with fingers, toes, ears, and nose though he is only about a pound. We were so thankful to have a good report from the doctor. He says everything looks to be fine and the baby is growing well. We are keeping it a surprise again if we are having a boy or girl. The doctor said, before he knew, his guess is that we’ll have another girl. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “A Little old, A Little new”

  1. Sara Bryan says:

    Oh, I'd recommend another girl. It is all the rage to have your first two as the same gender. I did it and Danielle did it too. 🙂 Girls are awesome. Of course they say that boys are wonderful as well, so you can be happy either way.

  2. It's all the rage to have your first two the same gender? Hmm….I guess our Dad and Mom did a similar thing as well, but with blue instead of pink. I hear the result of that was rage as well.

  3. johnnfawn says:

    Haha! Well you have started right. You at least know what is coming after you have your next boy and can cut it off before it gets out of hand. 😀

  4. HA! That's the funny thing about things getting out of hand….everything is all set until, all of a sudden, they are completely out of hand. At that point, there really isn't anything you can do to get control of things again. Not knowing where the "out of hand" point exists is what adds so much excitement to this whole process.

  5. My first 2 are the same gender and I love it 😀 Although I have to say, I LOVE my little boy just as much!!! Either would be great 😀

  6. Tim Lewis says:

    I showed Tim your ultrasound picture, and he took a quick glance at it and says… That's a boy…. He seemed pretty confident in his quick synopsis… 😉

  7. Do not mistake speed for accuracy! Indeed, they both have their virtues; however, it is highly difficult to achieve expertise in both areas simultaneously. 🙂

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