Happy Valentines Day!   |   February 12, 2014

There’s close to three years since I was married to the most wonderful gal on earth. Here’s to the girl I love — 15 reasons why I love Nessa!

1. God brought us together. The timing and circumstances surrounding our marriage are unmistakably an act of God.

2. She loves me unconditionally. I couldn’t have found a girl who is more faithful in loving than Vanessa.

3. She’s kind. Part of her loving me, that’s true, but most qualities would fit that definition. Her kindness, just as her love, is unwavering.

4. She loves God. The qualities that God prescribes are a must for any successful marriage.

5. She loves my little girl. Maybe it’s natural but it’s a blessing to know that she’ll be there whenever Carlie needs her.

6. She’s patient with my faults. I really need this one. There are lots of them.

7. She moved from her beloved Maine to live with me in Florida. What a great sacrifice that not only removes her from her familiar climate but also puts many miles between her and her family.

8. She’s a worker. Most every morning she’s gotten up with me around 4:30 in the morning, fixed my breakfast, packed my lunch, and gotten my bag ready for the gym. And there’s countless other things too numerous to write.

9. She’s selfless. Carlie and I get everything we need before she’ll even think about herself.

10. She let me buy a motorcycle. Maybe I’m crazy for getting one but she totally supports me in the decision. There was no need for convincing her to let me ride. She supported the idea from its very first mention. She doesn’t try to control my life in little ways like that.

11. She doesn’t attempt to control my life but lets God lead in every part. This is huge. Manipulation isn’t in her heart. Point ten could really be a sub-point of this one.

12. She’s not a shopper. Whew, my bank account is in the black.

13. She’s beautiful, but more importantly, she’s even more beautiful in her heart.

14. She’s a nurse. She really knows her stuff.

15. She married me! Can you believe that!

Happy Valentines Day, Vanessa!  I love you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. Kathy Dobson says:

    What a lovely description of Nessa, John. You do not know me (maybe you can count yourself lucky) but I do love it when men fulfil the passage in Proverbs 31, and rise up to call their wives blessed, when these wives are indeed virtuous women. And I believe my niece is one of these lovely, praiseworthy gals. Thanks from me, for taking time to appreciate her. God bless your family.

  2. Becky says:

    Sweet John! I just can't understand the part about sacrificing to move to Florida! Just kidding. Love you both!

  3. Rachel Price says:

    #3 and #8 are soooo true! She is a gem. 🙂

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