Carlie Moments   |   March 11, 2014

 Carlie stayed home with John while I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I’m not sure all they did but here are pictures I found on the camera when I got home.


 Carlie loves the camera and reaches for it when she sees it. Making about half the pictures turn out like this.

 Just playing in the sun is so much fun.


 She loves to have the door left open so she can stand in the sunshine and open and close the door.


 Last week there was a missions conference at church and we tried keeping Carlie Jane with us in the services instead of putting her in the nursery. It all went well for the most part. She did plug her ears during the singing once and made us laugh but she got over that very quickly and enjoyed the songs, even though it was rather loud.


 Sunday there was dinner at the church. Emily loved “taking care of” Carlie. And carried her around say over and over how “not heavy” she was.

 While John played a baseball game Carlie serenaded with the piano.
 She’s almost ready for her first lesson, April.
The baseball game.