April Update   |   April 15, 2014

 Pam gave Carlie slippers when we were in Maine in September and they fit her well now. She likes to wear them and will bring them to me to put on her sometimes and wear them all evening.


 Last Thursday John surprised us with a day off and a special trip to Big Lagoon State Park. It was a perfect day and we had such fun hiking the trails and climbing the tower to look out at the water.



 These are taken from the top of the tower.




 Carlie is become quite independent and wants to walk by herself and feed herself and get her own drinks.
It’s great to see her learning and growing up trying at times to keep up with all the little messes this learning process brings.



 After the trip to Big Lagoon John took us out to supper and Carlie was entertained with a tuch screen they had on the table. I think she’s a little close.


 The next morning was John’s day off…he had planned to have the days off together to celebrate an early anniversary and just have some time off together to relax. We went to Waffle House for breakfast and Carlie had a special hat because it was her first time there. It was my first time too but the hat didn’t look nearly as cute on me as it did on her.


 To make a long story short, our little vacation was cut short when we all ended up with food poisoning ond Friday night and all day Saturday. Becca and Tim were so sweet and came over on Saturday to help out with Carlie so John and I could get some rest. We were terribly sick and still not feeling ourselves through the beginning of this week too.


 Carlie had a Sunday afternoon nap. She always has slept with her hands behind her head, like this. John thought she looked so peaceful resting that way he took a few pictures.


 Monday John had to go back to work and we really missed having him home! We got a package from Maine and squished into the little box was Peter and Benjamin Bunny, dresses for Carlie and jars of REAL maple syrup for John and I! I love real syrup and can’t wait to try some. It can taste a little different every year. I used to help make it in Maine and I know how much work a little bit is and will enjoy it very slowly.
Just in time for Easter, you have to have fresh maple syrup for Easter!

 Carlie loves her new bunny friends.
 I just thought it was a picture. I was lining up the shoes and Carlie put her slippers with Daddy’s.



 John built this acrostic with Carlie’s name! So cute; but Carlie was missing her blocks so I had to take it down.


Last night James and Sara had all the family over to their house to play games and to let us know they are expecting their third at the end of this year. Grandpa was trying to feed her some milk but there was too much going on and she was very distracted.