Dr. Carlie Jane   |   April 02, 2014
 Medical training lesson #1. Never get your stethoscope tangled around your legs.
 It can trip you up.
 (It just don’t look professional.)

 Last week my doctor asked me to keep a watch on my B/P so I was taking my vitals every day.
Carlie Jane found the stethoscope and loved it. I don’t know why she liked to wear it around her neck. I don’t know if she saw me with it on, or she saw the doctor and nurses at her appointment that day but she loved just having it around her neck and walking around the house.

 I have been working on a crazy quilt and Carlie really likes to help. 
 Kind of slows down the quilting but everything is more fun when you do it together.
 Carlie Jane had a high fever Friday because of her vaccinations.
She just wanted to snuggle and sleep all day. I was so sorry she was sick but enjoyed all the snuggles.
Not something we get much now that she is walking. Thankfully John was home that day and was such a great helpmaking her feel better.

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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the pics, Nessa…..she looks so calm….relatively! =D

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