Easter Weekend   |   April 21, 2014

One day last week we took care of Micah so Ethan could go to a dentist appointment and Carlie enjoyed playing the piano.

 I had to close the keys so she would stop playing so Micah could take a nap.

 Becc, Tim, and Paul came over for a visit and Paul enjoyed Carlie as much as she enjoyed seeing him.

 He is all full of smiles and I can’t wait for everyone in Maine to finally get to meet him soon.

 Carlie thought it sounded funny when she patted his tummy and he was laughing at her until she tried patting his face instead.


 John and I watched Ethan and Micah on Friday night so Nate and Danielle could go out for Danni’s birthday. We had a good time and Ethan was happy to have John build a marble tower with him.


 The last few times we have been to a park Carlie has been scared to swing on the swing sets. John was curious if she would still enjoy her hammock we used so much when she was younger. He hung it back up on Saturday and she loves it still. She would giggle when he would push her. I guess it just feels safe to her all snuggled in her blanket.


 Saturday was a beautiful day and John decided to go out for a ride. Carlie isn’t usually allowed near the bike but just that once John was letting her touch the license plate and she was very pleased. Her hands turned all black from the dust on the plate.


 While John was out riding, Carlie had her bath and I put her in a long nightdress that Great Grandma McFarland gave her. She had fun “losing” a little toy in her skirt and surprising herself when she found it again.


 On Easter morning Carlie woke up with a curl on each sides of her head and on the top.  She looked just like Trixie from Hi and Lois cartoon. I tried to take a picture but her hair is so light and fine you can’t see it well.

 Already for church and playing with her new bunny.

On Sunday morning I got up early and made John and Carlie a pancake breakfast with bacon and real maple syrup from Maine. We really enjoyed it and took special care to use every drop of syrup. Thank you, Mum and Dad, for the syrup and to Pam, Rachel and Charity, who I know must have spent a lot of time gathering all the sap. It made a very special Easter treat.