May Moments   |   May 19, 2014

 Sunday was the church anniversary and we spent most of the day at church. Becca and Tim and Paul were there and Carlie enjoyed “taking care of” Paul.

She wanted to hold him but then got worried about him 
being on her legs and kept trying to stand up.

 She was watching him to make sure he kept his soother in his mouth.

 Making brownies for the supper out at the base with John’s office.
 A new dress from Auntie Leah.
 Carlie wanted to dress up on a warm Saturday afternoon. 
The right shoes makes any outfit, right?
 Last week I came into the kitchen to see Carlie
using the computer. She was very fascinated with seeing the arrow 
move on the screen as she moved the mouse.
 It isn’t really something I want her doing but I had to take some pictures
for Daddy to see his little computer scientist.

4 thoughts on “May Moments”

  1. Vicki says:

    Thank you so much for your updates. I enjoy being able to watch Carlie grow through your blog, since we aren't able to see each other everyday. Her "shoes" picture made me laugh so hard!! She's definitely all girl! Love you all so much!!

  2. Tim Lewis says:

    Ness, is it just me, or does Paul look a little like baby jason on the first pic? Sort of weird cuz he really looks like Tim a lot!

  3. johnnfawn says:

    I can see what you mean but Jay had a lot of black hair and the darkest drown eyes too. So if you see Paul up close he doesn't have that look but in that picture I can see it.

  4. Love the brownie pics! hahaha

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